Downtown Property Owners Face Thousands in Fines from City


FREDERICK, Md. - The property owners of the vacant Asiana restaurant in downtown Frederick are facing fines totaling $10,000 after the City of Frederick issued ten citations to Julia and James Properties, LLC for structural and safety violations.

They’re citations that some residents said should have been issued a long time ago. The property was condemned in August 2013 by the City and Code Enforcement. They listed several violations that required immediate attention.

However, some local business owners say the violations haven’t been addressed in a timely manner.

“It really just looks like the City is turning a blind eye and it's sad this is a prime piece of real estate and here it rots,” said downtown business owner Ned Bond, of Da Black Cat. “It's very scary that they'll let this go on week after weeks, month after month, year after year and when anyone else steps out of line the action is fairly quick.”

Bond said he’s witnessed construction workers entering the building, without the necessary permits to do so. His main concern now is why the City finally issued these citations.

Bond and many others want to know why the City hasn’t taken an action.

“Everybody is frustrated. Why is this continuing, what is the secret that this building owner has? Why do they continually walk when everyone else has to pay the price? Why?”

They say the vacant building is an eye sore right in the center of downtown Frederick. Some residents say it’s impossible to miss and others say they want to see it help the area flourish. 

“I'm hopeful this facility will be reused as something fairly significant, really looking forward to that,” said Dave Belak of Frederick.

Some of the citations issued include failure to address unsafe conditions and failure to maintain the property in a secure manner. 

Officials say they will hold a press conference Tuesday evening at City Hall to discuss Code Enforcement, and they plan to address the Asiana concern. Residents say they will protest against the matter Wednesday morning on North Market Street in front of the restaurant. 

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