Winter Weather Impacts Businesses Drastically

- FREDERICK, Md. - Frederick County got hit right in the bullseye of the last two snow storms, and all the cold weather is hard to ignore when the streets are covered in snow.

SMH Auto Sales in Frederick said the harsh winter we’ve had has impacted their business.

“Things break a little easier when it's really cold, so when you have one car in your driveway and we have 100 in ours, we have a little bit more of a maintenance to do. So, it's been a very expensive winter for us,” said Dennis Thigpen, Finance Manager at SMH Auto Sales of Frederick.

And they're certainly not alone, AAA says they’ve had a record breaking season with over 183,000 calls in the month of February. AAA saw a 77 percent increase Tuesday alone for service calls for the Mid-Atlantic area. In the month of February, 37 percent of those calls were for tow service, 26 percent battery related and 18 percent tired related.

While this could be a pain for many, it’s good news for some.

“As it gets cold they come in all at once as opposed to spread out throughout the whole month but yes the cold weather has shaken loose a lot more batteries this winter,” said Chris Gist of Battery One in Frederick.

Battery One said they were able to fill two pallets of dead batteries from customers, in just two days.

“Cold days we're changing 20-30 [batteries] a day, we sold probably about 100 a day to people, it depends not everyone has us install the battery,” said Gist.

AAA said last month they handled nearly 47,000 battery related calls for the Mid-Atlantic area. According to research, AAA said when its 32 degrees outside a car’s battery loses about 35 percent of its strength and at zero degrees it loses about 60 percent.

Experts say car batteries usually last between three to five years, and that periodic testing and cleaning can help maximize its longevity.

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