Frederick County to Switch to Charter Government

- FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - Get ready to say goodbye to the Board of County Commissioners.

“The board of county commissioners may have been in existence as long as Frederick County has been in existence. We will no longer have a body that acts as both the executive and legislative branch,” said Stuart Harvey, Frederick County Board of Elections Director.

As Frederick County switches to charter government this election, voters will be able to vote for a County Executive, who will lead the Executive branch, and also vote on a seven member council, which will make up the Legislative branch. Voters have the chance to vote for two at-large members of the council and one member representing their council district.

The Frederick County Commission for Women will hold a series of meetings to discuss the changes coming.

“We believe this is a critical election, local government is so important and we’re just trying to get a lot of people educated in what's going on so they can get out there and vote,” said Tish Honse of the Frederick County Commission for Women.

To find out what council district you fall under, you can head to the county board of elections website, where you’ll find a map of the county’s council districts or you can simple type in your name and address.

“This is used in all the large counties in Maryland, and this has been used in some cases, for a very long time so we are not the right largest county and we are not going to charter government like the other seven,” said Harvey.

The Board of Elections says even if you aren’t registered with an affiliated party, you can vote on Primary Election Day for the Board of Education race.

The Commission for Women will hold charter government informational meetings on the following dates:

April 29 at 6pm at the Urbana Regional Library
May 5 at 6pm at the C Burr.Artz Central Library in Frederick
May 12 at 6pm at the Thurmont Library

For more information, or to find out what council district you live in click here.

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