K-9 Kota and Handler Honored in Winchester


WINCHESTER, Va. - Thursday evening in Winchester, a non-profit organization called Woodmen of the World held an award ceremony for a crime-fighting canine and his heroic actions that landed him in national headlines.

"Some people thought that Kota needed an award for his bravery and what he had done, so I went down and started talking to Lauren Cummings from the police department and the Major down there, and they all thought it was a good idea. So this is what we wound up with," said Bob Nichols of W.O.W.

Back in January, K-9 Officer Kota of the Winchester Police Department was severely injured on the job while searching for two suspects who had broke into a home.

Kota was going after one of the suspects in the attic when he fell through the floor onto the hardwood below. Despite his injuries, he pulled himself back up the stairs to aid his fellow officers.

"You know, I beat myself up, and went over everything and looked at pictures and re-read everyone's reports and, you know, I am fine with it now because I know I would do the same thing today that I did then, you know if I didn't know the outcome," said Cpl. Neer.

Thursday night, chapter 34 of the W.O.W. organization presented Kota and Cpl. Neer each with their own plaque in honor of their unwavering dedication on the job.

"The support from the community and all the people who are following Kota has been overwhelming. It certainly wasn't expected. It was very nice of them to put together such a good dinner, and just a special event to honor Kota and myself. It meant a lot to us," said Neer.

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