City Could Install Cameras on Carroll Creek

- FREDERICK, Md. - Cameras like the ones along the Citizens Way Alley could also be placed along Frederick’s Carroll Creek.

Frederick police said the cameras in the Citizens Way were installed by local businesses after the area became a hot-spot for criminal behavior. The City has now asked police for input on installing cameras on the Creek for extra security.

“The cameras will be orientated in a public area where a person wouldn't have a reasonable expectation of privacy, so what we’re looking at is the common areas, walkways, pathways and areas where there high occurrence of lots so pedestrian traffic,” said Captain Patrick Grossman of the Frederick Police Department.

Frederick Police have responded to five calls for shots fired in the last week in the City, and they said they did recover some evidence of shots fired. Two of those calls were Saturday night, close by the Carroll Creek and downtown area.

Some residents said they feel safe, though they do keep an extra eye out.

“It's a very pretty area and you get to see quite a bit and you know just as long as you’re careful and use common sense and don’t ask for trouble, I think you're fine,” said Frederick resident Carol Zehnacker.

Kevin Moriarty is a local business owner and has a shop on South Carroll Street, he says he thinks the extra security will be beneficial. 

“I think it's great to put in more safety, security. Frederick is a great place to live and visit, and it's because the people in charge here take public safety seriously,” said Kevin Moriarty, owner of Two Paws Up!

Police said the City hasn’t told them when they’re looking to install the cameras, or how many, but Police do say they think they will help reduce fear, or crime in certain areas.

“If anything was to occur it would help us expeditiously end that investigation with a positive arrest,” said Captain Grossman.

Police said there’s already one camera installed along the creek, and it helped lead to an arrest in a serious assault case. That camera was installed on the Carroll Creek nearly two years ago.

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