Next Phase of Frederick's Carroll Creek Construction Underway

- FREDERICK, Md. - Many people are anticipating phase two of the Carroll Creek in Frederick, and as construction is underway it's catching quite the buzz.

After decades of planning, officials said it's finally a reality. 

“That’s phase two of the development plan that we voted on a couple of years ago, the contractor was awarded this January and because of the weather they didn't get started,” said Frederick Mayor Randy McClement.

City officials said more than $100 million in new and renovated private construction is planned for the area.

The idea has local business owners excited. Full Circle Hair Care is a block away from the construction and is already anticipating the impact the development could have.

“Once the businesses are up and running more people are going to start walking towards this area. They usually stay up on the other end but they're going to start coming down and that's going to impact our business in a good way and the others in the area,” said Charles Goines of Full Circle Hair Care in Frederick.

Mayor McClement said the city is starting to see some private development along the phase two area and said it’s a good sign to see the project moving forward.

“It will create a lot of jobs for Frederick, people who are unemployed,” said Goines.

Park improvements, such as widening the crosswalk, as well as adding lighting and water features for the area are underway.

Phase two of construction largely completes the vision initiated more than 30 years ago after flooding in the downtown area.

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