Man Pleads 'Not Criminally Responsible' In Death Of Child

- FREDERICK, Md. - Frankie Williams, through his attorney, formally pled "not guilty" and "not criminally responsible" to first-degree murder and other charges linked the death of his daughter, Anayah Williams, Monday.

Richard Bricken, a criminal defense attorney in Frederick, who is impartial to the case, explained the logistics behind the mental disorder defense.

"There has to be a mental disorder first then the second part of the test comes in later when the doctors determine whether the rest of the test applies," said Bricken.

A person can be found not criminally responsible if that person can not understand the criminality of conduct at the time of the crime, Bricken explained. 

In a conversation with Gary E. Proctor, Williams' defense lawyer, Proctor stated that Williams has a history of mental health issues, and trouble distinguishing right from wrong. But supporters of Anayah and her foster family are not buying it.

"We think that it was a typical defense plea and we do have confidence that the state's attorney's office is going to go ahead and prove otherwise," said Cathy Sipocz, Co-founder of Anayah's Advocates.

Sipocz, remains hopeful that there will be justice for the little girl whose life was taken all too soon.

For information on Anayah's Advocates, click here.

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