Global non-profit organization in Clarke County welcomes a new president

Torbay is looking forward to many years at Project HOPE

CLARKE COUNTY, Va. - A global non-profit organization in Clarke County welcomed a new president on Tuesday. 
Rabih Torbay is the new President of Project HOPE -- an international development and relief non-profit organization, dedicated to finding health solutions that will last.
Before joining Project HOPE, Torbay served as the Senior Vice President of International Operations at International Medical Corps and was a Policy Advisor to members of Congress.
He even gave advice on the West Africa Ebola Response.
Torbay will report to the non-profit's CEO Tom Kenyon.
Project HOPE is a non-profit geared towards helping people in other countries, so they don't have to rely on international help.
"I love what the organization does. I love the people that work. They are so dedicated and hard working. They are focused on the mission. They are focused on helping people [and] building capacity. Health work is global, and this is exactly why I am here,” Torbay said.
Torbay said he is excited for the position and hopes to be with Project HOPE for many years.

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