AAA: Virginian drivers conflicted by idea of self-driving vehicles

Fifty-four percent of Americans aren't fully ready to share roads

VIRGINIA - A new report from AAA revealed that most Americans aren't ready to fully trust self-driving cars, but like the idea of the technology. 
Fifty-four percent of American drivers feel less safe at the prospect of sharing the road with a self-driving vehicle, while one-third feel it wouldn't make a difference and only ten percent said they would feel safer. 
As the respondents' age decreased, their reported trust in self-driving cars tended to increase. For example, 60 percent of Baby Boomers reported feeling less safe around driver-less care, compared to 56 percent of Generation X and 41 percent of Millenials. 
"In Virginia, drivers feel conflicted about autonomous technology as well. A separate AAA statewide survey found that half believe they will be routinely driving in a self-driving vehicle within the next ten years," said Tammy Annette, AAA. 
AAA has come out in support of autonomous vehicles as a way to improve road safety and save lives, but only if it's fully tested first. 


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