NRA's Great American Hunting and Outdoor Show in Frederick

Six buildings are filled with outdoor adventure equipment.

N-R-A officials expect nearly 10 thousand people to attend this weekend's show, including the famed Bone Collector, Michael Waddell.


"Everybody, even though your from different places across North America , when you get together at a show like this it shows how special hunting and the outdoors is," say "The Bone Collector" Michael Waddell.


"As we found out, unfortunately, the Eastern Outdoor Show has been postponed now in Harrisburg for next week, so this is the outdoor show in the greater Frederick, Hagerstown, Southern Pennsylvania, Maryland area," say Bob Davis, Manager of Hunting Services for the NRA.


People have come from across the country to show off their best, and teach what they know about the outdoors, hunting and fishing.


"They swim a little bit, they sleep, and they eat, that's it. No mystery there, I'm going to  teach them how to find them, where to find them, and what to use," says Ken Penrod, who is holding seminars at the show.


Penrod runs Camp Sycamore, and mentors and trains boys like Noah Schlossberg, how to take on the outdoors..


"At camp ken teaches us how to be outdoors man. The outdoors is something we all love and it brings us together," say Noah Schlossberg.


So one day the campers, say they can take on the outdoors on their own, and follow the footsteps of Waddell.


"It's really cool to be here in Frederick, I mean being from the south coming up here, it's like a family reunion cause you see so many people, and we all enjoy the same thing hunting and fishing," says Waddell.


The show runs through Sunday, general admission is ten dollars.

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