Pastor has traveled to the last 7 Olympic games to spread the gospel

SOCHI, Russia -- There's plenty to see and do at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, but if you take a lap around Olympic Park, there's one man who stands out above the rest.

Jeff Wells has never won a Gold medal, “I wish I had a camera for how many pictures were taken each day” ...but he's already an Olympic rock star. “...because it would be close to 100”

His popularity starts with his clothes. “We’ve worn these black cowboy hats for years now at the Olympics. Then it’s his pins.

“Pin trading is the unofficial sport for the Olympics.” Finally you hear his message... “This pin we love, because of the story behind, it tells about God's love and Jesus.

Jeff is an international sports chaplain.

The Christian cowboy has been roaming the range of the last 7 Olympics. In 1998, our founder brought groups to the Olympics to tell the story of Jesus. He's from St. Louis, but he'll talk to anyone, anywhere.

Jeff never makes the first move, always letting others come to him. “You don't have to approach people, they'll approach you.” He walks several miles each day, sharing his pins and his message.

Jeff is really embracing his, but he says it doesn't come without sacrifice. If he actually wants to attend an Olympic event, he says he has to leave at least 90 minutes earlier than he usually does, just to compensate for those with picture requests.

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