Pennsylvania Up for Grabs in Presidential Race

SHIPPENSBURG, PA- It had its contentious moments, but the candidates came ready for their final face-off.

"The last time an election was this close was probably in 2000 between then Vice President Al Gore and then Governor George W. Bush," says Dr. Alison Dagnes, a political science professor at Shippensburg University.

Some young voters say for the President this election cycle is similar to 2008 in rhetoric and promises. First-time voter Richard Goode says he's done a great deal considering the opposition he faced.

"For four years he's worked very hard to accomplish these goals when he's had so much combatant from the right side."

"Romney's side of the vote is far more energized than the Obama side," says Eric Anderson, a senior at Shippensburg University. "Obama's coming out and promising a lot of the same things that he said four years ago that haven't come true."

And while policy and leadership are paramount, character and integrity appear to be high on the list as well. 

"The Obama administration has completely lost their integrity," says Anderson. "To me that's really important because once you're not credible how am I going to believe anything else you have to say."

"I feel like today's president needs to be in touch with the middle class, and I feel like Romney's very far removed from me, me being the middle class," says Goode.

Dagnes says there's still room for surprises. One being the direction Pennsylvania goes.

"Governor Romney has made some strides here in Pennsylvania, and it will be closer than we had thought it was going to be."

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