16th Annual Woodsmen's Meet at Mont Alto

Timbersport athletes compete for title of best lumberjack or lumberjill

MONT ALTO, Pa. - They're the best collegiate lumberjacks and lumber-jills in the Mid-Atlantic, they gathered at Penn State Mont alto Saturday to compete. Events included axe throwing, chain sawing, and pole climbing

“It is unusual but I wouldn’t go as far as to call it nuts, just very different,” said Craig Houghton, Instructor of forestry, Penn State Mont Alto.

The sport, seemingly bizarre to many has actually been around for years.

“These skills are the old traditional forestry skills of harvesting trees so we're bringing that history back,” said Houghton.  

During the games a qualifying competition was held. The winner will progress to the U.S. professional and collegiate championships in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A West Virginia university student snagged the title, but a Penn State Mont Alto student, Christopher Payne, came in second.

"Not a lot of people know about this sport so it's kind of like you do what you just chop wood for competition, yeah they do think I’m pretty crazy chopping razor sharp axes at my toes and uh, i like it,” said Payne.  

So just how crazy is this sport? The announcer for the games did mention friends who had lost toes...

"No we wear all the safety wear we have an EMT over there today we haven’t had any injuries knock on wood, so i think it is relatively safe,” explained Houghton.

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