Beitsch wins mayor votes, write-ins to determine challengers

Election officials said write- in votes will be counted on Friday

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - The election is over in Franklin County, but many Democratic nominees won't be announced until write-in votes are counted on Friday.

Walter Beitsch is the Republican nominee for the Chambersburg Mayor.

"I have to attribute it all to my hard work for the last two months and the Chambersburg voters who listened to my message and it resonated with them in my success," said Walter Beitsch, Republican nominee, mayor of Chambersburg.

Beitsch will have to wait until write-in votes are counted next week to know if he will have a challenger on the Democratic side this fall, since there was no official candidate in the primary.

"So, even if it is a registered Republican as long as they received the write-in on the Democrat side, they would be the Democrat nominee, and some will appear was the Democrat and Republican nominee even though they are registered as one party," said Jean Byers, Franklin County Chief Deputy Clerk.

Unofficial results show that there were more than 300 Democrat write-in votes for mayor.

Write-ins will determine the Democratic nominees for numerous positions in the county.

"Mayors, supervisors, tax collectors were trying to get write-in on the other ballots," Byers said.

No matter the opponent, Beitsch feels with his years of experience as a police officer and relationship with the chief, he's the ideal choice.

Unofficial results show that more than 3,000 Democrats voted in the county on Tuesday.



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