Chambersburg Borough approves Elm Street Project for five more years

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Neighborhoods near downtown Chambersburg in the third ward have for 10-years been revitalized thanks to the Elm Street Project. The Chambersburg Council decided to renew that agreement for the next five-years.

“Since we've been at this we've gotten $1.4 million dollars in money for projects and basically they’re used to update areas that are in designated zones the elm street zone,” said Allen Coffman, the Chambersburg Borough Council president.

The project focuses on redevelopment, but also works on initiatives such as creating opportunities for community involvement, improving property maintenance and creating affordable housing opportunities.

“Most of the work that's done in these areas is to benefit people with low income and moderate income people, it's been very important to get it, there's been a lot of projects done,” said Coffman.  

There have been many projects that have done a lot which includes, improving the sidewalks, making the community handicap accessible and renovating parks like the Mike Waters Memorial Park. Coffman says the project has been well received in the community.

“Anytime you can get aide from the state and you can keep these programs moving forward, it's a good thing, so I would have to think people that have received help from this would have received help from this since 2007 would be happy that we're still being able to maintain this.

Both Downtown Chamberburg Inc. and Building Our Pride in Chambersburg (BOPIC) have collaborated with the borough on the project. 

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