Rony, the Greencastle Police K9, is here to stay

Rony has been on the force since 2009 and will continue to serve area residents

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - After the community showed overwhelming support in favor of the Greencastle Police Department's K9 program, the Borough has decided not to cut the program.
"Rony is an outstanding addition to the force," Chief Phillippy said. "He's a community activist on four feet, [and that's] what it amounts to."
In early February, the Borough of Greencastle proposed to cut the K9 program to save money. The program cost the Borough $7,500 in 2016.
After the community caught wind, they overwhelmingly showed their support for Rony at a public meeting.
"When making any decision, they [the committee] try to make decisions that are best for the Borough [and] best for the people that they represent," Eden Ratliff, the Borough Manager, said. "Realizing that when people come and voice their opinions certainly has an impact."
Ultimately, a committee compromised of three council members decided to take no further action, therefore permanently keeping Rony around.
"He's a great tool for officers' safety and to getting our jobs done in the best way possible," Chief Phillippy said.
As for a rise in taxes for 2018, that remains to be seen.

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