Shelter set to open for women in recovery

Waynesboro New Hope Shelter to open women's shelter near downtown

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Officials with the New Hope Shelter are opening up a new location just for women looking into recovery.

Angel Reyes is currently in New Hope's men's shelter. Reyes may have made his way to Waynesboro through dealing drugs, but now, he's spending his time turning his life around.

"I don’t smoke no weed no more. I don’t take no pills no more. I don’t drink no more," said Angel Reyes, resident at New Hope Ranch. "It's just like it helps me stay clean, positive, working and just keeping on moving forward and trying to build a life."

He credits his progress to the New Hope Ranch in Waynesboro that gives men a stable environment and the ability to find housing and jobs.

"I feel like I need this place," said Reyes. "It helps me with a lot and it is making me a better person. It feels like home."

Its the 'at home' feeling that the officials of the shelter are looking to create for women in Franklin County, and that's why they are turning a building near downtown Waynesboro into Ester House

"Drugs steal everything from you. They steal your job, your friends, your home, your car," said Dr. Bill Burcher, executive director, Waynesboro New Hope Shelter. "So people in that addiction, they need a place to go, so, that’s what we want to do."

The Ester House will be a recovery center with eight beds and a temporary spot for women of any age.

"Its a way to fix what is wrong, get them the treatment they need , and get them where they need to be; so they can be on their own and be a productive citizen in society," said Bernadette Bowman, certified recovery specialist and interventionist.

Reyes said this new home could be the change certain women in the area need.

"A lot of women out there are doing anything for drugs, because they don’t have anyone to look forward to," said Reyes.  "So, if they have people like my pastor and people like Bill, they have something to look forward to and they can get help and change their life."

The home needs more volunteers to finish construction. They hope to open before this summer.

Organizers said they are in need of help with tile and flooring work.

Anyone interested can call the Waynesboro New Hope Shelter at 717-762-5840.


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