People Can Cast Presidential Vote with Chocolates in Frederick

FREDERICK, MD - A shop in Frederick has found a sweet way to hold their own presidential election poll.

The Perfect Truffle is making Republican and Democratic chocolates.

The dark chocolate pieces feature each party's symbol, a donkey for the Democrats and an elephant for the Republicans. The Democratic chocolates are on the left side of the display, while Republican chocolates are on the right.

Each chocolate sold counts as one vote.

"You're watching TV, listening to the radio, and this poll says this, and that poll says that, so I decided we're going to do our own poll. We created these chocolates with the symbols of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party," said Randy Olmstead, chocolatier at the Perfect Truffle.

Olmstead will post the weekly results of the poll on the Perfect Truffle's facebook page beginning next week.

"You can come in, and you can vote as many times as you want," Olmstead said. "We said we're not going to check IDs, so it doesn't matter if you're in the area or not. You can be from out of state, and you can still vote here in Frederick."

Olmstead decided to make both pieces with dark chocolate so they'd be non-partisan.

"These chocolates are identical in every way, shape, and form except for the design, that's it," Olmstead said. "For each batch, we split the batch in half, and we make half the batch Republican. The other half is Democratic, so there's no bias, there's no individual input, we're going to keep it as even as we can."

He held a similar contest for the 2008 presidential election, with voters correctly picking Barack Obama as the winner. 50.5% of people voted Democratic, and 49.5% of people voted Republican in the unofficial poll. Almost 800 votes were cast.

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