Petition to Allow Deer Hunting with a Rifle in Southern Fred. Co., Md. is Growing

- FREDERICK, Md. - A Frederick County, Maryland commissioner is making progress in his effort to bring deer hunting with a rifle to the southern part of the county.

Commissioner Billy Shreve started a petition in November. Since then, he says it's gotten about 450 signatures.

"The folks that came out really strongly in favor of this is women. Women said hey, a rifle is not only the most accurate, it requires the least amount of maintenance, and it's the easiest to shoot of everything. I can get ammunition everywhere. I don't have to clean it every three shots, and it's the most humane way to harvest deer," Shreve (R) said.

Shreve says this is the most support out of any issue he's gotten since becoming a commissioner. He's meeting with Department of Natural Resources in first week of January and then speaking with state senators and delegates in hopes of having a bill in the Maryland General Assembly.

"Possibly, with the support, once we get a bill in place, we'll get support from lots of national guns rights groups and hunters rights groups, so this could really be a big thing," Shreve said.

Shreve will schedule another public hearing in the end of January or early February on what he says has become an important issue in the county.

"There was recently a study done on Monocacy Battlefield, which encompasses 1,000 acres of land in southern Frederick County, and there are 10 times more deer in southern Frederick County than is considered healthy," Shreve said. "There's about 277 per square mile, and a healthy herd is somewhere between 20 and 30 per square mile."

Shreve has created a website about the petition. You can check it out by clicking here.

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