PGA Championship Helping Hundreds of Local Charities

The 95th PGA Championship is just months away.

On Wednesday, the PGA released its efforts to help the community beyond the sport of golf.

It's not just golf fans excited about the 95th PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country club, but the dozens of local charities that will also benefit from it-everything from donations to volunteering.

A major part of the PGA Championship is its community relations program.

This year it means that well over 100 charities will be supported.

"It's really just part of the DNA of the game of golf is giving back in various ways," said Ryan Cannon, PGA Championship Director.

The PGA gives away tickets for charities to sell, it has a program for youth clinics, and players wives will be giving their time at local charities during the championship.

"Between all of the fundraising efforts and hours generated the goal is from a monetary standpoint nearly 1 million dollars will be generated in giving," said Cannon.

Organizations like the Bivona Child Advocacy Center which helps abused children has already reaped the rewards from PGA tickets.

"The value of the tickets was a little over $1,100 and we auctioned then off for $1,800 at our big event which contributed to making over $600,000 at the event that evening," said Mary Whittier, Executive Director of the Bivona Child Advocacy Center.

The American Red Cross also raised about $1,000 from auctioning tickets.

"The PGA doesn't have to do this but they care about the community where they are having this great event," said Melanie Barnas-Simmons, Major Gifts Officer for the American Red Cross.

PGA Championship gets underway from August 5-11.

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