PGA Merchandise A Big Hit

- If you are heading out to the PGA when it comes to town, you will be able to take a piece of it home.

Make no mistake about it, PGA merchandise is big business.

"It's right at the main entrance. So we pretty much get everyone who comes to the event. They go right through these doors. So we're looking at, late in the week, 35,000 people a day come right through these doors," Bob Jeffrey said.

The merchandise tent is the big daddy of them all.

"The merchandising tent is 31-thousand square feet. So we have over 40 different vendors.  More than 250-thousand different pieces of merchandise.  So it's an extremely large structure. It's also air-conditioned.  So it's a nice way to get out of the heat during the week," he said.

Souvenirs are second only to the celebrity golfers themselves. 

"We'll have everything from the normal shirts and hats to pin flags, golf balls, art. We have three different artists who will be here. So we've really go it from A to Z," Jeffrey said.

Organizers estimate they will make more than 100,000 transactions during the event. That means one half of all visitors will likely buy.

"Well the good thing is, if you don't like one vendor we have 40 other vendors to choose from. So you'll have three diffferent choice of hats.  Three different vendors. We have everything from glassware to pinflags," he said.

More than 400 volunteers will work in this tent alone during the course of the week. The merchandise tent actually opens two days before the event. That is to make it convenient for people who want a piece of PGA history even through they might not have a ticket. It also gives die-hard golf fans a chance to watch without having to worry about buying their souvenir while they are at the event.

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