PGA Partners with Habitat for Humanity

It's a unique group of volunteers.

The PGA of America Spouses and PGA Tour Wives Association are chipping in and building a new home for one local family. The project is a first for the PGA of America.

"We leave a lasting legacy of some kind when we come here with our PGA Championship," said Ted Bishop, President of the PGA.

It's a dream come true for Nelson Galletti. The Flower City Habitat for Humanity home is being built for his family.

"It's an overwhelming feeling. I'm thankful. I just don't know what to say because I have these great people who at the last minute surprised me," said Nelson Galletti.

Mary Pluta is putting down her club for a shovel. Her husband is the President of Oak Hill.

"People sometimes just think that they go out there and they hit the ball around, but it's about a lot more than that," said Mary Pluta.

"It's really what golf is all about. Golf is about helping people in a lot of different ways and giving back to the communities, and I think that if there is one thing that the sport and the game of golf should be known for, would be the philanthropic work that we do all over the country," said Bishop.

And as an extra bonus on Tuesday, Nelson's son, Elijah got his first golf lesson from Bishop. A special moment for the Galletti family.

"I got the pros over here. They are going to teach me how to play the game," said Galletti.

Major construction of the home on Whitney Street will take place during PGA Championship Week.  The PGA of America Spouses and PGA Tour Wives Association will dedicate the home on August 7.

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