PGA Volunteers Get Suited Up

The countdown is on to the PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club.

23 days until the world's finest golfers make their way to Rochester.

Before they can play though thousands of volunteers have to get trained.

That began this weekend at Nazareth College.

Ruth Lucas is a first time PGA Championship volunteer.

"It is so well organized all of the boxes are in alphabetical order, the credential packets are put together. So it's been really really fun and really simple," said Ruth Lucas, a volunteer.

She along with more than 37-hundred other volunteers

Will help run the golf major in August.

"They are right down in the weeds of helping us make this championship happen," said Ryan Cannon, PGA Championship Director.

They come from 48 states and 7 countries.

"I want to see great golf to be honest to be that close is very exciting," said Sharon Insero, a volunteer.

Nazareth College became training central for the weekend.

Each volunteer is assigned to one of 40 committees.

The largest committee - totaling around 1500 - are the marshalls.

Marshalls help with crowd control and keep people quiet while contestants are making their shots.

Robert Kosak is one of those marshalls

"I am a golf nut!" exclaimed Robert Kosak, a volunteer.

He's volunteered for the LPGA and PGA for 30 years.

"Awful excited, I am only 89 years old and I am still working," said Kosak.

Each one of the nearly 4,000 volunteers gets one of these boxes, inside they will find everything they need for PGA week.

It includes their credentials, their volunteer manual, a PGA hat, a bag, and of course their uniform.

Volunteers only have to work 12 to 16 hours during the week.

So it's a bit of work, for a lot of play.

"They can come work in the morning and then take the rest of the day off watching the best players in the world at Oak Hill do what they do," said Cannon.

The PGA Championship runs from August 5-11 at Oak Hill Country Club.

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