Piper House of Antietam Battlefield


The Piper House, located on the battlefield itself, is now a bed and breakfast owned by Lou and Regina Clark, but during the battle, it served as a headquarters to Confederate General Longstreet and the barn was used as a field hospital. The house was directly in the heat of the battle and remains in a prime location today, offering guests the chance to spend the night in a genuine historic landmark.
I visited the piper house in March of 1998 and was told by Lou Clark that the house was not haunted.... although there was spirit energy there. The Clarks are not believers in the paranormal, but neither are they willing to completely discount the stories told to them over breakfast by visitors to the house.
Strangely, the area of the house with the most stories is a section that was added on long after the battle, around 1900. It is in the upper bedroom of this section where guests tell of hearing muffled voices and odd sounds and even report a misty apparition which appears in the doorway to the bathroom.
The Clarks have heard these stories too many times to dismiss them and yet have no explanation for them either. Some have suggested that perhaps the new section of the house was built over the top of graves that were dug at the time of the battle. Could these soldiers still be seeking peace?
Regardless of why the strange things happen, they do seem to be continuing. Lou Clark can provide no answers. "I've slept in every room in the house," he told me, "and I've never seen anything."
But on the other hand, he has no way to explain why people from various parts of the country, with no connection whatsoever, continue to report the strange, and strikingly similar, encounters with something from beyond the known.

Do ghosts still walk at Antietam Battlefield? You have to be the judge of that for yourself, but nevertheless, there are many questions in this place which will probably always remain unanswered.

Story submitted by Try Taylor of prairieghosts.com

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