Police Release Names, Further Details into Death of Mother and Two Children

- WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. - Hagerstown City Police have released further details, and the names of the mother and two children who were found dead inside their parked vehicle at Western Heights Middle School on Monday. 

Captain Paul Kifer says the mother has been identified as Allison Keyonda Pluck, who lived at 110 Maner Drive at the Bradford Apartments since 2012. Police say she was an illegal immigrant but she had a passport to come here. They believe she came to the states around 2006-2007. Police say she worked at the Walmart in Frederick, but according to her sister, she recently quit and had been unemployed for some time. 

The two young children have been identified as Shania Unique Gill, 18 months old, born on November 29, 2012 and Shameka Allison Gill, six months old, born on December 29, 2013. 

Investigators with Hagerstown City Police say on Thursday afternoon they were able to notify Pluck's sister who lives in Guyana. They say that is the only immediate family she has. No one else is in the area. They say there may be decent family in the New York area, but no contact has been made. 

The Medical Examiners Office announced they could not determine a cause of death at this time, and this is now a toxicology case. It will take a couple of weeks to get the results to determine the cause of the mother and her two children's deaths. 

"We may never know as to why she was in that parking lot. We may never what drove her there. Right now what we're looking for if what caused her death and the two, the children's deaths. That will answer some questions as to what happened. Why it happened may never be answered," said Captain Kifer.  

The Department of Social Services has been working with the family closely and the Embassy of Guyana to get Pluck's body transported back to Guyana. Police say the father will bury his two daughters here in the United States. 

Hagerstown City Police have also released a time line for the day: 

At 6:06 a.m. Allison bought a DVD player from the Walmart in Hagerstown. Investigators have looked at surveillance footage to confirm. 

Police say by 6:16 a.m. she pulled into the front visitor parking lot of Western Heights Middle School in Hagerstown. There was camera footage to confirm she was there. Then two minutes later, she moved her vehicle to the back parking lot, and then into a grassy area behind the school. She then pulled into the employee parking lot where there are no security cameras. 

At 9:20 a.m. an eyewitness saw her vehicle in the employee parking lot. Then at 4:30 p.m. that's when a school employee discovered them in the car unresponsive and called police. 

"There was nothing found in the vehicle that would indicate cause of death," said Kifer. "There were no pill bottles, no drugs found in her car, the only thing found in the car was a baby bottle which we believe was for the infant, there was no other food or anything else in that vehicle."

At this time, Hagerstown City Police are calling this a suspicious death and say they're working with three different possibilities.

"We're looking at an accidental death of all three," said Captain Kifer. "We're looking at a mother who committed suicide and the accidental death of her children, or a mother who caused the death of her kids and then committed suicide. Those are the three options we're looking at. That's how the investigation is going and right now we're treating the latter as what we're investigating as we're treating all the evidence that way."

Police are not releasing the father's name at this time, or where he lives. The investigation remains ongoing. 

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