PROFILE: Md. House of Delegates Dist. 1C Republican Primary

WESTERN MARYLAND - Primary day in Maryland is less than a week away, and it's down to the wire for many candidates, including those in the Republican primary for Maryland House of Delegates in District 1C.

District 1C covers parts of Allegany and Washington Counties, from Cumberland to Williamsport.

Republican voters in the district will go to the polls next Tuesday and pick the candidate to face off against the Democratic challenger in November for the Maryland House of Delegates. The candidates say the area has some unique issues that need to be addressed in Annapolis.

"I believe it's jobs, and when I talk about jobs, I believe that the people from 1C are a very proud folk. They just want an honest day's pay for an honest day's wage. To have my tradesmen in the electrical or construction firms going out of town for jobs, I think that's an important thing," said Mike McKay, candidate, Maryland House of Delegates District 1C (R).

"The number one goal is to lower the corporate tax rate in 1C. That has been tried statewide. We've been advised that it can't happen statewide because of the imbalance in parties in Annapolis, but if it was tried one county at a time, we may have a chance. I went further than that. I'd like to try it one district at a time, and I will put a bill in," said Ray Givens, candidate, Maryland House of Delegates District 1C (R).

Both candidates say protecting people's 2nd Amendment rights is one of their goals. Keeping and bringing more businesses in District 1C is something both the candidates say is a priority. They say that can be accomplished by cutting taxes and being fiscally responsible in Annapolis.

"As president of the board of county commissioners, we actually reduced the size of government by 18 percent," McKay said. "We actually are the only county in the State of Maryland to reduce taxes all four years in office."

"I would like to get other taxes repealed, like the gas tax," Givens said. "I would like to see highway user funds come back to the districts."

The Maryland House of Delegates District 1C seat is open because incumbent Leroy Myers is running for Washington County Commissioner. The Republican who wins the primary will face Democrat Nick Scarpelli in the General Election.

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