PROFILE: Md. House of Delegates Dist. 4 Republican Primary

- FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - Five Republicans are running in the primary for the Maryland House of Delegates District 4 race.

Three of the five Republicans will move on to the General Election after the primary on June 24th, so they're out campaigning hard with less than three weeks left until the big day.

With five Republicans running, it's a crowded field, and the candidates have clear ideas of what issues are most important to them.

"People want people who want want to serve, as opposed to they want to govern. I think the problem is that some people stay in office extended periods of time, like 20 years, and they forget who they work for," said Del. Kathy Afzali, (R) - an incumbent running in District 4.

"I have over 20 years of experience working in the community, eight of which I served as a councilwoman for the town of Mount Airy. That's government closest to the people, making the difficult decisions, solving problems, and more important, working to keep taxes low. I want to take that experience to Annapolis and work for the people of District 4," said Wendi Peters, (R) - candidate, Maryland House of Delegates District 4.

"There's something rotten in Maryland. Unemployment is through the roof. We've got thousands of businesses leaving and hundreds of people leaving the state. I've knocked on a lot of doors, and there's a lot of people who wish they could leave. We've got to do something to change that climate," said Barrie Ciliberti, (R) - candidate, Maryland House of Delegates District 4.

Redistricting made District 4 larger and more diverse, covering two counties now. District 4 covers the middle and northern parts of Frederick County, as well as part of Carroll County. The candidates say this district has unique issues that need to be represented in Annapolis.

"They are looking for someone who has experienced leadership and that has been effective in Annapolis and someone who has a proven record of going to Annapolis and fighting for small businesses and families and the farmers because we have a very unique dynamic in Frederick County," said Del. Kelly Schulz, (R) - an incumbent running in District 4.

"We need to have some good, solid leadership, and as a combat veteran, I am going to help us reduce taxes, get less government regulation, work to repeal ObamaCare, and protect the Second Amendment and bring it back to really the individual American family," said David Vogt, (R) - candidate, Maryland House of Delegates District 4.

One Democrat will join the three Republican primary winners in November's General Election. From there, voters will choose three people to represent them in Annapolis.

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