Protect Your Child From Online Predators

HAGERSTOWN, MD - Kids are going back to school in just a few weeks, and that means they'll be spending more time on the computer doing homework, but that's also the perfect place for predators to prey on unsuspecting children.

While many programs to protect your children can be pricey, there are security tools you can use that don't cost a penny.

"You can limit email, lock down sites such as YouTube and Facebook as well as log all the activity, especially if there is more than one Mac in the house, a child's activity can be monitored," says Jason Rappaport, President of Innovative, Inc.

Many security features are built right in your computer. A Macintosh operating system comes with a parental control feature. Just create an account under "system preferences," and choose what applications your child can access.

With a Windows operating system, go to the "control panel" and under "security systems," edit your Internet options from there.

Networking websites like Facebook and MySpace are becoming more popular with younger children, but without the proper settings, your child's information can be displayed everywhere for online predators to see.

"Some of the default settings on MySpace and Facebook can make it very easy for anybody in the world to search information and pictures about your child," says Rappaport.

To edit your Facebook, go to your Account tab and edit your privacy settings, which sets limits on who can access your page.

The Internet may be a useful and educational place, but be aware of what your child is doing. One click can lead your child down a dangerous path.

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