Pumpkin Prices Up This Year, Supply Still Plentiful

Pumpkin2007-09-25-1190756269.jpgWAYNESBORO, PA – Halloween and Thanksgiving are near and for many that means time to get some pumpkins, but this year's extremely dry weather has taken a toll on the seasonal crop and the farmers who grow them.

With little rain this summer, some pumpkin farmers aren't reaping what they used too.

"Pumpkins are going to be a little shorter because some of the growers don't have irrigation so they're not going to have enough the pumpkins to sell,” says Bill Reynolds of Reynold’s Farm in Waynesboro.  "We dug a post hole down about two feet the other day and it was bone dry the whole way down."

Because Mother Nature is providing little rain, the price of pumpkins is up too.

"We use a well, so your electric cost is over double what it would normally be,” says Reynolds.

Because Reynold’s Farm irrigates, they say they’ll still have an abundant yield of pumpkins this season.

"This one was irrigated, this one was not. Irrigated and that really shows the difference between them,” says Reynolds.

Reynolds's Farm planted extra acres of pumpkin patches to compensate for the loss of growth, and only anticipates a five percent loss in pumpkins.  They say although some of their pumpkins are not as large as last year, they'll still have plenty of 40 to 60 pound pumpkins for everyone. 

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