Rep. Delaney Opens New Office in Hagerstown

- HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Congressman John Delaney spent the day in Washington County, and opened the doors to a new office.

The office, located on 38 South Potomac Street, Suite 205 in Hagerstown, will be open Monday through Friday.

Delaney said this new office location will act as a better connection to Washington.  He also has offices in Gaithersburg and Washington.

"When business and government work well together, we get much better outcomes economically. So, local businesses need certain things from government and that's one of the jobs our office can provide," said Rep. Delaney, M-6.

He went on to say, "As someone who comes from the private sector and is new to politics, I'm used to a world where people actually work together and they’re constructive and they tried to come up with solutions,” he said. “And I used to say in business, the best business deals are ones where everyone feels a little bad when they're done, no one feels really great and no one feels really bad. And we need more of that in Washington.”

But that wasn't the only thing the Congressmen did while around town on Wednesday. He also met with the I-81 Coalition to discuss legislature he's working on.

"We need to expand it, we need to widen it we need to think about all kinds of solutions to make 81 less congested, safer…because that's a real big issue, a lot of parents really worry about their kids going on that road, which I understand, I've got kids who are just driving, and it's worrisome, so we've got to really do something with it,” he said.

Hagerstown City Councilman Don Munson presided over the ribbon cutting ceremony at Delaney's new office, and the Congressman will be in Allegany County Thursday, April 17.

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