Residents Voice Concerns About Repeat Flooding


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Monday afternoon marked round three of heavy flooding near the Fountain Head Plaza shopping center.

"All the waters coming down to one place and it's not being able to drain quick enough to clear," said Rodney Shank, Hagerstown resident.

And it's a repeating scene that some residents aren't happy with.

"First year it's ever been like this since they changed the drainage in the house next door. They put those big pipes in but they're not big enough and the water has no place to go, so it just jams up in that one little spot," said Susan Brown, Hagerstown resident.

Residents said the flooding can last for hours before it drains. Rodney Shanks said he's helped many drivers who've gotten stuck near his house.

"Keeping an eye on people going through to make sure no one gets stuck you know they come up to the house and sit until it clears and possibly help get their vehicle out," said Shank.

But now Shank said much of his front yard has tired marks from stranded cars.

Other residents say traffic should be blocked off further down the road so there are fewer cars coming through the flooded road.

"It gets pretty jammed up. Or people just try go ahead and try to go through it which they get bogged down. They can't go anywhere," said Brown.  

Washington County officials tell WHAG they've been tracking this year's rain totals and comparing them to historical data and they're discussing ways to alleviate this issue in the future.

County officials also said they've received reports of residents dumping grass clippings into drains and they're asking residents not to do this because they say that could have an impact on the way the system drains.

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