Retailers Gearing Up for School Season With Sales

NBC NEWS - The return to the classroom is just around the corner, and about the only people really celebrating that are retailers.

Hungry stores have already geared up for back to school shopping.

Supplies for the younger and older students are plentiful.

There are plenty of discounts, too, and retailers have refined their sales pitches.

"When it comes to school supplies, stocking up for back to school, we're a great option for people looking to save a little bit of money," says Joshua Braverman of Family Dollar.

Naturally, stores are anxious for the back to school shopping. That's second only to holiday shopping in retail sales.

Scott Krugman with the National Retail Federation explains, "This is going to be the first real test for consumers and their spending ability."

There are conflicting views on how busy retailers will be this year compared to last year. The National Retail Federation expects about a 10 percent increase in sales while others say it could go the other way. Obviously, shoppers will decide.

Some shoppers are still waiting, though, for sales tax holidays starting next week in at least 17 states.

"Merchandise that's selling during the back to school shopping season will most likely be hot and popular during Christmas selling season as well," Krugman adds.

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