San Mar Children's Home receives grant

BOONSBORO, Md. -- San Mar Children’s Home has something new to help keep everyone connected. Thanks to a federal grant, they now have the chance to experience how communication and technology meet like never before.

“It’s also great because it brings the whole team that a kid has, their case manager, their parents - everybody to the table when we do treatment plans. That way everybody can be involved and on the same page,” said San Mar case manager, Mary Mcgoye.

San Mar and the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services received a grant of nearly half a million dollars to bring state-of-the-art technology to rural areas - and it’s been extremely beneficial.

“It’s wonderful, we're able to attend training on campus, and it helps us stay current with information regarding residents and their care," said Erica Davis, San Mar program manager. 

After splitting the proceeds with the state agency, they received about $215,000 for a video conferencing system. San Mar employees think it's worth every penny, and it makes a better tomorrow for their group home setting and foster care service.

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