Some Russian money is printed especially for Winter Games

SOCHI, Russia --There's a new way you can take home a piece of Sochi with you. Money! Rubbles in fact that represent the most popular games in the Winter Olympics.

In total there are about 16 ways you can bring home your own gold or silver, but it will cost you a little green.

We've got more mascards the most populate one is a white bear and we've got a lot of coins devoted to differ types of sports such as Skelton biathlon figure skating and whatnot.

And what seems to most popular when it comes to the sports--- curling?

"This sport is very popular among foreigners Russian customers prefer figure skating hockey and biathlon" So what can you expect to pay?

"The price is about 3,000 rubles and up to 3,600 rubbles.”

So for the coins devoted to differ sports the starting price is about $55 U.S. up to about $115.

Now in paper money you also have some options starting at 100 rubles a piece.

But coins seem to be the favorite in fact while we were there a man buying some. He didn't want to talk on camera, but he did take home his own gold and silver from Sochi. These coins are currently in circulation.

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