State, County Candidates Attend Informational Forum

- FREDERICK, Md. - Frederick County, Maryland government officials held an informational forum for candidates running for state and county offices.

Some of those who attended include candidates for Frederick County executive, Frederick County council, Maryland delegate, and Maryland senate.

"We think we have a lot of issues going on that they need to be aware of, like budgetary issues, waste-to-energy, solid waste projects, and they need to be aware of some of the laws like the Public Information Act," said Lori Depies, Frederick County manager.

Government officials wanted to make sure candidates understood the major issues in the county and could ask questions with the change from a commissioner form of government to charter government happening later this year.

"We're entering into a new form of government, which is especially important," Depies said. "We'll have a county council that will take seat December 1st, as well as a county executive. It's a new form, so listening to how county government is working for them is very important and how they'll interact. I think that's very important."

Some of the presenters included those in county finance, special projects and community development.

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