Students Become Teachers at History Day Event


HAGERSTOWN, Md. -  The fall of the Berlin Wall, the Industrial Revolution and World War II; these moments in history and many more were all in one building as part of the Washington County History Day.

More than 300 students in the county took judges back in time to tell the stories of the world's history in a unique way.

"It’s about real events, such as World War II and the great depression reflect on comics. They reflect a bunch of events and they show how they can teach us many stuff," said Marriam Butt, student at North Hagerstown High School.

Students expressed their knowledge of the past through exhibits, documentaries, presentations, papers and even websites.

"There has just been amazing creativity in how students tell the stories, whether they be about the internment of Japanese Americans, or about the fall of the Berlin wall and basically taking a variety of approaches to the idea of what are our rights and as citizens wherever we are in the world, what are our responsibilities," said Lore Kuehnert, a judge at the event.

And some students decided to stick to current events to display the contest's theme "Rights and Responsibilities."

"We hope we do the best and we just hope that people are able to know what Malala did and what she achieved through lots of her social work and she is so young and so influential," said Mimi Tasker, student at Washington County Technical High School. “We tried to add in lots of parallels of how what many of Americans have and take for granted in other parts of the world; like Pakistan students and children are literally dying just to get the basics that we have."

The work will be judged and the top two from each category will go to the state finals as they get another chance to not just be a student but take on the role as teacher.

"Teaching to someone else howto understand that story, that helps you to understand it, not only the topic you are dealing with that occurred in the past but how it impacts our future," said Kuehnert.


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