Superintendent Recommends W.Va. Schools for Deaf and Blind to Stay


HAMPSHIRE COUNTY, W.Va. - After recent rumors indicated state officials were looking for a new location, it appears that the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and Blind will be staying put in Romney.

Moving the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and Blind from Romney is not necessarily a good plan, according to Superintendent Dr. Lynn Boyer. The West Virginia Board of Education asked Doctor Boyer to explore other locations and the cost of relocation. Boyer says it may be better to remain in Hampshire County, because the cost of moving may outweigh any other advantages.  

"What I saw and what I shared with them was in the day, I was bringing to them, that there did not appear to be a compelling reason," said Dr. Boyer.

Boyer also says many staff members would not relocate if the school were to move. Most of all she says community support of the school has been overwhelming. Boyer says many businesses in the area would be willing to partner with the school to provide opportunities for the students.  

"Are there volunteer opportunities that our kids could have?" said Boyer. "Are there internships the kids could do that they could do with someone for a period of time? What would give them real world experience? Are there things to impede that from happening that we need to come together and talk about?" 

Boyer says she's still looking at other locations, but says for the school to move a prospective community has to show it's safer than Romney.

"Our students here feel safe in this community," said Boyer. "They know the community members know who they are that they feel years and years of relationships that they recognize them in town, so the community would have to convince me they could provide a safe place."

Dr. Boyer says she'll submit her complete research to the state board of education by January of 2014.

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