Swing State Voters React to Political Conventions

WINCHESTER, VA - Both the Obama and Romney campaigns focused on Virginia on the first official day of campaigning after the political conventions.

Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, spoke at a "Women for Mitt" rally at a riding academy in Leesburg. 

San Antonio mayor Julin Castro campaigned for President Obama during stops in Woodbridge and Fairfax.

WHAG spoke to local voters about their reaction to the conventions.

Romney supporter Bonnie Dalling said she enjoyed watching the Republican Convention.  "It was impressive as far as behavior went. I thought the people handled themselves very well."

"I was leaning to Romney, but after seeing the convention, I know he was straightforward and not just saying all the minor stuff.  He knows what America wants," said Joshua Lohr, also a Romney supporter.

While some were strong supporters for Romney, some believed the Democratic Convention was just as compelling.

"It was powerful and I think it had a lot more energy and a lot more specificity in the language of the presenters than the Republican convention. There just seemed to be more depth," says Lana Herd, an Obama supporter.

"I've always been an Obama fan and I'm sticking to him and what I believe is our country was already in so much trouble when he got into the White House," says Prayas Bhatta, also an Obama supporter.

Campaign offices have been open for Virginians to show their support for each party through bumper stickers and signs and they are sure to be everywhere with less than two months until Election Day.

The presidential election will be held Tuesday, November 6th.

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