Taylor Made Golfers Sporting "Rochester" Bags

Every golfer at the PGA has a unique bag. But Taylor Made is doing something really special with theirs and it has everything to do with Rochester.

Whether you are at Oak Hill or watching on TV, you are likely to see these special Taylor Made bags.

"We do these commemorative for all the four majors of the year. We've been doing it for about 10 years," says Paul Loegering, PGA Tour Relations Manager for Taylor Made/Adidas.

From the honeycomb color, to the six leaves, its all about Rochester and Oak Hill. The honeycomb yellow color and pattern represent the University of Rochester Yellowjackets. Oak hill was originally set on the land where the U of R currently sits. The shape of the logo is taken from part of Frederick Douglas tombstone. He lived in Rochester for many years and he is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery. And the star on the top of the logo? That represents the North Star, the abolitionist newspaper he founded right here in Rochester.
"The holly (oak) leaves represent the six majors that have that have been here at Oak Hill," explains Loegering. "So there are things of that nature that are invested with the logo and the local community and things of that nature."

Taylor Made has about 28 players here in the bag, and the guys are more than happy to be playing with a piece of Rochester.

"We don't even have to push them to do it," says Loegering. "They're so excited to play and use it on the majors. They look forward to it."

If you want to get your hands on one of these bags you have to act fast. There's only a limited number available on the Taylor Made website.

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