The City of Hagerstown Hosts National Bike Awareness Events

HAGERSTOWN, MD - With the warmer weather, you may see an increase in bike riders and officials with the city of Hagerstown are preparing to participate in National Bike Month.

"The celebration of bike month is to recognize why you ride bikes. Whether biking to school, to work to promote health, or preserve environment, to explore new areas to which you can't get to by car," says Scott Gordon, of River City Cycles, Inc.

Some of the activities the city of Hagerstown is hosting include Bike to Work, Bike to the Suns' Game and even a bike ride with the mayor.

Bike to School Day took place on Wednesday, and not only can you participate in all the events, you can also get simple bike repairs and advice on how to ride safely.

"Cyclists need to follow rules of the road. Same rules apply to motorists. Also motorists need to understand there are laws in effect that do protect us especially where we don't have a designated shoulder," says Gordon.

Cyclists acknowledge that it is everyone's responsibility to be safe on the road.

"Bicyclists have to watch out for other bikers. Not just cars and people. Bikers have to watch out for bikers," says Richard Stitely, a local driver.

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