Treat a Cold

This is the time of year when coughs and colds are literally everywhere.  I think there are more people with colds than without!  But with that being said, it is also the time of year that the best prescription I have is probably for a bit of tincture of time. 

I wish that I had the latest and greatest cure for upper respiratory infections, aka a cold.  Unfortunately, despite continually reviewing the latest literature, I really have not seen any new cure-all, so we are back to symptomatic treatment, which involves tincture of time.  

In other words despite everything that is tried, I tell my patients and even myself, a cold typically takes anywhere from 7-14 days to resolve.  I do think you feel better if you get extra rest, drink lots of fluids and treat the other symptoms. 

As you know (from previous posts) I'm a huge vapor rub believer (and studies have proven this not just my opinion).  I also drink lots of hot tea with lemon and honey (which has also been shown to help coughs).  I suck on a lot of throat lozenges (lemon drops as well) and do a lot of nose blowing and hand washing, but despite all of this, I too have to be reminded that I need a hefty dose of tincture of time and this cold will pass! 

While adults only get a cold or maybe two a season, young children get about a cold a month, which means an almost constant runny gunky nose and cough for more days than a parent would like to count.  

I know, by this time of year everyone (including me) is already tired of colds and all of those respiratory viruses.  But, just remember; hang in there, Punxsutawny Phil did not see his shadow so an early spring is on the way!

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