Update: Grand Jury Indicts Va. Man for Murder

FREDERICK COUNTY, Va. - A grand jury sided with investigators who believe Eddie Debraux, Sr. is responsible for the death of his neighbor, James Trenary.

"The grand jury returned a true bill charging Eddie Debraux, Sr. with felony murder, use of a firearm to commission the felony, and shooting into an unoccupied dwelling,” said Captain Donnie Lang, Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said it all started in the early morning hours on August 3, 2014 after Debraux and his neighbors, who live in the 200 block of Nottoway Drive in Stephens City, got into an altercation.

Debraux, who deputies believe was under the influence of alcohol, began firing off his gun into the direction of his neighbors' homes.

"During the statement that [Debraux] made, he did indicate that someone fired at him first. Through our investigation, which is still ongoing, there is nothing that can show there was a second shooter," said Lang.

While Debraux was firing his gun, deputies believe a stray bullet went through Trenary's bedroom wall, killing him in his sleep.

Investigators said Trenary was not involved in the original altercation, and was found dead a day later after deputies made a welfare check on him.

"More for administrative purposes, we held off charging him officially for the felony murder, [as] it traditionally does expedite the court process,” said Lang.

In Virginia, a felony murder charge means investigators believe Debraux committed a felonious act that resulted in death of someone, and not necessarily that Debraux committed the crime with the intent of killing his neighbor.

If found guilty, Debraux is facing a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison.

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