Update: Infant in Care of 18-Year-old Before Death

- CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Court documents confirm Rosanna Desinor, 18, who was recently charged with the murder of 3-month-old Kaendra Destinvil, was babysitting the infant when the incident occurred. 

The report states Desinor told investigators Wednesday that the baby was "crying too much" and that she lost her temper and caused the injuries that lead to the infant's death.

An autopsy was performed and confirmed the infant died from blunt force trauma. The report also described other injuries, including a fractured skull and multiple cuts to the head and body.

Police and the prosecutor on the case declined to comment on Friday, but according to one next door neighbor, Zoe Glover, described what she saw the day police were at the home investigating the crime. 

"Well, I was outside and when I came back outside the guy had carried the baby out in his hands, and the baby was just laying there. It was really sad," Glover said.

The report goes on to say Desinor admitted to striking the infant in the face several times and that the infant's head struck the banister before the child was dropped to the floor. It also stated Desinor left the child unattended and went to her own bedroom and fell asleep.

District Attorney Matthew Fogal denied comment on Friday.

Desinor's preliminary hearing is set for August 26, 2014. She has not been appointed a lawyer yet.

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