Updates: 2D Composite Released of Human Remains Found in Hagerstown

- WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. - The Washington County Sheriff's Office released a 2D composite created from the skull of the human remains discovered on May 4, 2014 in the area of Loose Lane in Hagerstown. 

"Really hoping that this 2D composite sparks something in someone's mind and they say hey i recognize that, that looks familiar and we're able to identify this individual," said DFC. Carly Hose, Washington County Sheriff's Office. 

Deputies said it's been determined that the remains are that of a white male, approximate age is believed to be early 50's and around 6'0" in height. An approximate weight was not able to be determined based on the condition of the body, they say.

The remains had been in the elements between six to 15 months. 

Evidence of a previous fracture was found in the left eye, upper left jaw area of the skull. There was also evidence of previous dental work, deputies said. 

The clothing remaining on the body is described as red shorts, black under shorts, and a green or blue and yellow stripped short sleeved shirt. 

The sheriff's office said this composite is a representation of what this individual may have looked like in life. Investigators were able to measure the skull and determine exact placement points for the man's eyes, nose, and mouth. But other features are just a guess. 

"We don't have what the male's weight was and of course that can factor in to how thin or how full someone's face is. We also don't have a hairstyle because the body was so decomposed it was basically just skeletal remains," said DFC. Hose. 

The hairstyle may or may not represent how the person actually wore their hair. Since the weight of the man is unknown, he could also have been heavier or thinner that what is represented in the composite. 

Deputies said there is a possibility of a scar present on his left temple, due to the aged injury which was present on the skull. The man would have received medical treatment in reference to this injury. 

Investigators believe Marsh Run may have been the final resting place for the remains, but not where the remains were initially deposited. 

"Marsh Run comes out of Pennsylvania so there's a possibility that his body was put into the run or somehow come into the run up in Pennsylvania and washed its way down to Maryland," said DFC. Hose. 

The Washington County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone who may think this composite looks familiar, to please call Sgt. Weaver at (240)-313-2175. 

"What we want to stress out to the community is if they recognize any portion of this. Well think those eyes look familiar and I haven't seen this individual in a long time to please give us a call. Every little bit, every little tips because it could be the one that helps us identify this individual," said DFC. Hose. 

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