UPSET: Md. Senate Minority Leader David Brinkley Loses Republican Primary

- FREDERICK, Md. - One of the major headlines out of Frederick County, Maryland on Tuesday night was Senate Minority Leader David Brinkley, a 20-year veteran of the Maryland General Assembly, lost his primary to freshman Delegate Michael Hough.

"I called him [Hough] and congratulated him on the campaign that he successfully waged and to offer that if it ends up being the final result, I'll certainly offer a smooth transition," Brinkley said.

Hough got 68 percent of the votes in the Republican primary for District 4 in the Maryland Senate, while Brinkley took home just around 32 percent of the vote.

"The voters I think it was more they were sending a message through me that they were sick and tired of the taxes and the spending and really O'malley's mismanagement of the state for the last eight years," Hough said. "That's really what I take it as. The voters were really sending a clear message they want change down in Annapolis."

Hough held up a pair of worn out shoes with cracks in the soles at his victory party. They got that way because Hough wore them while knocking on more than 8,000 different homes, and he says he's going to continue that through November. Hough says he already has clear ideas of what he'd like to acheive if he makes it to Annapolis.

"We need to stand up to the out-of-control spending, we need to standup to the taxes, and we need to we need accountability on the ObamaCare," Hough said. "The mismanagement of ObamaCare has been horrendous with the amount of money that was wasted, so these are the big three things I ran on."

"Certainly I'm disappointed," Brinkley said. "No one wants to face a defeat, but at the same time, we worked very hard. There were an awful lot of people who put an awful lot of effort into this, and I'm certainly very appreciative of that. This is about moving forward with Frederick and Carroll Counties and seeing what can happen from there."

District 4 covers the northern parts of Frederick County, from Frederick City to Emmitsburg, and parts of western Carroll County.

Brinkley served in the Maryland House of Delegates from 1995 to 2003 and then won a seat in the Maryland Senate.

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