12th Annual Dulles Greenway "Drive for Charity"

Tolls collected on Greenway donated

DULLES, Va. - Thursday marks the 12th annual Dulles Greenway drive for charity.

Tolls collected on the Greenway Thursday are donated to six local Loudoun charities:


The March of Dimes (National Capital Area Chapter)

Every Citizen Has Opportunities (ECHO)

Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter (LAWS)

FreshAir/ Full Care

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy

Loudoun Free Clinic

Dulles Greenway Citizenship Award


Cumulatively, the event has led to over  $2 million in donations since it’s conception. Last year, over $330,000 was raised-- a goal organizers said they're looking to beat.


As of 5 p.m. Thursday organizers said they were “19k” (cars) away from their goal in terms of “traffic count.”


"I think it’s an easy way to donate I mean you're commuting everyday to and from work if you're taking the Greenway that day your money is going to charity,” explained Terry Hoffman Public Relations Manager, Dulles Greenway.

Hoffman said the Greenway has partnered with many charities repeatedly, so it's a substantial donation “they know they can rely on each year.”


UPDATE: The Dulles Greenway's 12th annual Drive For Charity set a record high for donations with $348,000 collected. The Dulles Greenway has now raised over $3 million for local charities and scholarships in the past 12 years.

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