UPDATE: Elderly woman's body was found "dismembered" in West Virginia

Peg Sinclair was reported missing on Saturday, remains were found Tuesday

HAMPSHIRE COUNTY, W.Va. - New details have emerged in the death of 85 year-old Peg Sinclair from White Post,  Virginia. Authorities with the Hampshire County, West Virginia Sheriff's Office said in a press release that what they believe to be Sinclair's body was found "in pieces." 

The release states that the body parts were found near Scott's Gully road, and it is believed the parts were dumped there on June 18th - the same day Sinclair was reported missing. 

According to the press release, "the suspect(s) burned some of the evidence and body parts of the victim near the area where the body was found."

After being missing for several days, police confirmed on Tuesday that 85 year old Peg Sinclair was found dead and killed. Police believe she was killed by her caregiver. Over the time neighbors were worried about her wellbeing.

"I was very concerned. We had a lot of good officers out here from many departments where they were investigating as best they could. They even had a helicopter from Maryland here and apparently there were no positive results,” said neighbor Kenneth Beckwith.

Sinclair went missing around 2:00 a.m. on Saturday near White Post, Virginia. Police say that her family told them that she was starting to show early signs of dementia.

Kenneth Beckwith has been living in the same neighborhood where Sinclair went missing from for about nine years, and he says although he didn't know her personally he recalls seeing her a walking around a few times before she disappeared.

"I’ve seen her walking along the sidewalks here exercising. I did see her two days prior to her disappearance. She came down the street here,” added Beckwith.

His granddaughter, Jennifer Colbert lives with him and says the thought of an elderly person being missing for several days scares her.

"You see people walking around you don't think that in a gated community something like this where someone just walks away and disappears or possibly is taken; and there's no information, and no one knows what happened. It's scary,” said Colbert.

The only sign of Sinclair was her assisted walker, which was found nearby on a busy highway.

Police say after receiving several tips about possible sightings of Peg they extended the search to surrounding areas.

"We’ve expanded to a more individualized location, and we're talking to individual people,” said Capt. Donnie Lang of the Frederick County Virginia Sheriff’s office.

Neighbors say the community has a large population of elderly people, and is surrounded by a vast wooded area. On top of the police search teams, community volunteers offered to help as well.

What led to Sinclair’s murder is still under investigation. WHAG will continue to keep you posted on any developments with this story.

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