Parking Lawsuit against Town Center Parking

Jacksons has filed a lawsuit against Boston Properties...

RESTON, Va. - A victory for many town center goers in Reston, Virginia, starts with a popular restaurant.


The newly enforced paid parking situation has caused backlash amongst many residents and businesses alike at the town center, after the property owner created a two dollar-an-hour weekday fee in early January.


One of the restaurants in the center, Jacksons, won't have to validate paid parking at Reston town center anymore; at least for the time being.


Fairfax county circuit court judge John Tran issued a preliminary injunction earlier this week, preventing the development's owner, Boston Properties, from charging customers of the restaurant for parking.


"I am really happy that they did win, because we can get more people out here. And I realize the traffic has definitely come up a lot more since the last week that it happened," says Heather Green, a Reston town center employee. 


Jackson's' lawsuit alleged breach of contract, saying its lease guarantees free parking. It asked for $50,000 in damages and an end to the paid parking system.


According to officials, a trial has been set for February of next year.


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