Prince William County fallen officer honored nationally

Local hero honored by president

WOODBRIDGE, Va. - “She was in the Marine reserves so she was instilled with that passion to give back to the community, so that was definitely something that we took note of and the chief took note of and actually remembered when she was sworn in the day prior to the incident,” said Sgt. Jonathan Perok Prince William Police of his former co-worker Ashley Guidon.


In February 2016. rookie Prince William County Police Officer Ashley Guindon set out on her first call with her training officer and a back up officer -- a domestic violence incident involving Army Sgt. Ronald Hamilton and his wife Krystal.  


“Unfortunately they did not know at the time that a weapon was involved and that tragically Krystal had been killed prior to them arriving,” explained Sgt. Perok.


Less than 24 hours after Guindon was sworn in,  all three officers were shot -- Guindon did not survive.


“You kind of just entered that shock phase it was really hard to wrap your head around it, we don't deal with incidences like that here to that magnitude, ever.” said Sgt. Perok.


President Trump spoke at the National Peace Officers Memorial Service Monday, where he singled out and honored Guindon -- a surprise to the department and her family according to Perok:


“Ashley Guindon of the Prince William County Police fell in the line of duty on her very first day on the beat.  She swore the oath to protect and serve only a day prior to her death.  One day.  Officer Gwin-Don was dedicated to serving our nation -- she also served in the Marines.  And today, our thoughts are with her and her incredible mother, Sharon.  Thank you, Sharon.  Thank you.  Thank you, Sharon.  (Applause.)  Thank you.”  -- President Donald J. Trump


“Ashley was very young and to be killed so tragically at that age was unfortunate so for him to do that definitely meant something to us,” said Sgt. Perok.


Guindon’s name was recently placed on the National Police Memorial. Tribute aside, many say her legacy will be etched into minds and hearts for years to come.


One of the officers wounded in the attack that fatally wounded Guindon has since returned to the PWC Police Department and the second is still recovering.


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