Reston Town Center debacle

Why the shopping center has been fairly empty recently

RESTON, Va. - Paying to pay more; that is the new slogan adopted by residents in Northern Virginia.
Reston Town Center is a community destination, dating back to 1990. Now, residents are infuriated at the mandatory parking fees. 
The leader of the anti-parking movement said an incredible amount of people expressed serious frustrations against the owner of Center-Boston Properties.
"It's affecting real people in our community and their livelihoods, even the small businesses, and there are very few here. Those folks are being hurt tremendously by losses in profit as far as 25 percent and above. That's real," said Suzanne Zurn, Reston Town Center Parking Petition leader.
The President of Reston Citizens Association said that his first priority is the community.
"We get involved in all the issues that excite the people here [and] that impact the people. Clearly, the parking issue has been a big issue for us in the last year," said Sridhar Ganesan, President, Reston Citizens Association.
During the interview, security interrupted, stating that photography is no longer allowed on the Town Center's site as of late, which used to be a public space for all community-goers. Facebook users claim that this was never an issue.
"I would say it's an extremely negative impact, especially because of the place Reston Town Center has had in this community,” said TJ Bramblett, Reston Town Center businessman.
"It does add up; $20?! Who got $20 to eat, $20 to get something [from] Best Buy and then $20 to pay," said Lanyke Hernandez, Reston resident. 

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